As covid restrictions begin to ease we are tentatively looking to set our world-trip departure date for a 5th time. Both of us are double vaccinated and ready to head off as soon as we can. We are currently restricted by which countries the UK government advises “against all but essential travel” (currently almost the entire world). Until at least our first 3 or 4 countries are off that list we are unable to get travel insurance. We are optimistically hoping that July 19th will bring some good news on this.

Ideally, to avoid weather extremes as much as possible, we would have left home sometime during April-June; this would give us a fairly dry and mild start to the trip and would mean that we should be able to avoid much of the bitter Middle Eastern winter and intense central Asian summer. We have now missed this window and with each day that passes the potential of finding ourselves locked into prolonged patterns of challenging weather conditions along our route is ever increasing.

If we can leave by mid August then we still stand a reasonable chance of completing two or three thousand kilometres before needing to find somewhere to hibernate during winter. This task has been made much more complicated by the fact that because of Brexit we are limited to being in the Schengen area for only 90 days in any 180 day period and so any winter pause to our trip will have to involve some carefully choreographed country-hopping between Italy, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Albania, and Greece.

If September arrives and we have been unable to leave we will then need to postpone again with the new aim of April 2022 – only 2 months before the date that we would have originally been returning home from our 2 year trip if all had gone to plan!


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