I  first realised I wanted a souvenir when we were coming to the end of our cycle ride in Spain. I think it was Simon who came up with the idea of a tattoo and this immediately appealed to me.  But what would I get? Flags were an obvious choice but the thought of sitting through sessions of solid colour flags made me feel a little queasy. My only experience until then was a 20 minute session while I watched my wedding ring getting inked onto my finger.

A friend of ours met us in the southern tip of Spain and suggested having a bike trailing the flags behind it. Thinking of colourful bunting, I was on board and went into the tattoo Salon in Bilbao 2 weeks later clutching his handy sketch.

It’s simple and quite honestly didn’t hurt much. Every time I look at my foot I get a little buzz of pride, joy and excitement for the flags to come.

So far there are 2 strings: one has the flags of Guernsey, France, Spain and Portugal – from our honeymoon cycle in 2017. The second short string trails the Irish flag alone; a  souvenir of a trip taken in 2019. That was a great ride- I fully recommend cycling in Ireland and falling in love with the rolling hills and its friendly people in between wild weather and pints of Guinness.

I’m so excited for the next string to start wrapping around my leg once we set off on our world trip. 


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