For more than a year we were impatiently waiting for 5th June 2020 – the circle on the calendar when we would be setting out on our biggest adventure yet. We had been gathering our kit together and getting inspiration from the tales of adventurers such as Ed Pratt, Sean Conway, and Alastair Humphreys. As with everyone else in the world though our priorities were suddenly changed and plans rain-checked as COVID-19 began to take grip.

So far we are both really lucky to have escaped any serious consequences of the pandemic. We have stayed healthy and thankful to be living somewhere that has seen lower levels of infection compared to many other areas of the world.

By the middle of March it was clear that leaving in June wasn’t going to be possible or sensible. At that point we pushed the date back to 4th September hoping that those extra few months would see the pandemic ease off. Our new plan would mean ambling through France, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria for 10 weeks and then spending a few weeks in Italy or Croatia where we would sit out the icy roads of winter before continuing in spring. As we get closer to September though it’s looking like we were a bit too optimistic. Over the past couple of weeks we have switched our minds almost every day but with the news now from Europe that quite a few places have seen an increase in coronavirus cases we’ve decided that heading off this year wouldn’t be worth the risk.

Watch this space though as we will continue to post about what we get up to in the meantime as we prepare for leaving.


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