Kayak & Camp

Parts of our adventure this week went a little bit beyond the remit of microadventure. Although we went only for one night, and the wild-camp was quick and simple, we did require some...

Adventure Island

You can be fairly sure that you are in the middle of some kind of adventure when your deodorant is wood-smoke, your morning wash involves jumping into the sea, and the view from your...

Sail & Snorkel

Channeling inspiration from Alistair Humphreys' Microadventures, and while we wait for when we are able to head off on our full-sized adventure, we have challenged ourselves to try to do something adventurous at least...
Paddleboarding in the mist


Now that we've decided to postpone our trip things have become a bit more chilled. The last minute rush to tie up loose ends at work, to make sure that all of our...

Departure Delay

For more than a year we were impatiently waiting for 5th June 2020 - the circle on the calendar when we would be setting out on our biggest adventure yet. We had been...

Where is Guernsey?

We are asked this question almost more than any other by people that we meet on the road... by the end of most of our cycle trips, when asked "where are you from?", it...

Our Route Plan

Usually, when we prepare for bicycle trips, we don't plan our route in too much detail. Plans will always change along the way and it's easier not to become too tied down to...

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