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The gonecycling website is all about non-competitive bicycling

What you will find here:

  • CAN-BIKE has links and information about bicycling skills.

  • Advocacy project present and past

  • Commuting has articles I've written about how to use your bike to get to work and campsites

  • Book is about riding across Canada


It's fun being a cyclist almost all of the time! Yes, there are times when it doesn't feel like a lot of fun. This website will help you find the fun again and in new ways. Yes there is more traffic now a days and, since there isn't likely to be any less traffic any time soon, you need to develop strategies to fully enjoy your ride. On the pages of this website you will find my voice of experience providing you with tactics to learn how to enjoy your bicycle commute, your bicycle camping trip and your bicycle community. 



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